Horse Shoes & Fine Prints

By David Samuels & Daniel Fin Horses play an interesting role in Canadian society. Viewed as vehicles to some, athletes to others, and pets to many, equine law – although a niche – contains many specifics which overlap in other areas of the law (namely Contract...

Answered: What is Animal Law?

What is Animal Law? The question, “What is animal law?” has become increasingly popular, both in the pet-owner and legal worlds. Inquirers are often surprised to find that this area has been on the rise for years. With approximately one in every two households in...

Equine Law and a Shift to Sentientism

By Suzana Gartner & Daniel Fin Horses can be viewed in today’s society as many things ranging from personal pets, to vehicles, and also as athletes competing for first-place prizes. This is what makes Equine Law so particularly interesting in Canada. Disputes may...

Suzana Gartner on Breakfast Television

Your pets are part of your family and unfortunately when family’s fall apart, or couple’s separate – animal rights will come in to play. Suzana spoke about this on Breakfast Television! ARTICLE:


Animal Law has many aspects. The links below lead to discussions of common issues and of the expertise Gartner & Associates can offer you if you are facing such issues.

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