By David Samuels & Daniel Fin

Horses play an interesting role in Canadian society. Viewed as vehicles to some, athletes to others, and pets to many, equine law – although a niche – contains many specifics which overlap in other areas of the law (namely Contract Law) and is much more complex than it appears. Disputes may arise within a purchase agreement during a sale. Disputes may arise when an athlete is injured, or even killed, while riding. Disputes may even arise within boarding and leasing agreements. Gartner & Associates have successfully handled a variety of the contractual equine law disputes mentioned above, as well as many others.

Before the common law developed to what it is today, agreements were settled based on the parties’ words and handshakes. Written contractual agreements are now often required, and when not, strongly advised. If you are thinking of purchasing or selling a horse, it is important to remember that a written purchase and sale agreement may be necessary! The lawyers at Gartner & Associates have successfully assisted many soon-to-be-horse owners as well as current horse owners with negotiating the transaction with their respective buyer or seller. Our lawyers helped outline the identity of the horses, agree to a purchase price, come to an agreement with the terms of the sale, establish warranties, determine the time, and method of delivery, as well as develop general purchase contracts to protect and keep every party involved happy.

In addition to agreements of purchase and sale, the lawyers at Gartner & Associates have assisted many clients with boarding and leasing agreements. Remember, it is important to contact a lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable in the field. It is even better to contact a lawyer who is also passionate in the field. The professionals at Gartner & Associates, as horse enthusiasts, can help you with your breeding contracts, boarding agreements, contract disputes, custody issues, insurance coverage disputes, liability releases, negligence matters, professional horse riding liability, and much more! The farrier to the horse is the lawyer to the contract; when the former takes care of the latter, the ride will be smooth!


Animal Law has many aspects. The links below lead to discussions of common issues and of the expertise Gartner & Associates can offer you if you are facing such issues.

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