History and Background

Gartner & Associates was founded in 2014 (formerly ‘Gartner Kostanska’) and is the first animal law firm and mediation practice in all of Canada to deal exclusively with animal law matters.

Animal Law & Mediation is all we do.

We are the experts, and our team of experts is very knowledgeable in the municipal by-laws and regulations, provincial and federal laws that govern animals.

Our expertise will help you and your companion get proper legal representation.

We focus on achieving settlements in a timely and cost efficient manner without resort to litigation through our tailored mediated approach, however, some disputes require judicial intervention to get justice for you and your beloved companion.


Animal Law has many aspects. The links below lead to discussions of common issues and of the expertise Gartner & Associates can offer you if you are facing such issues.

Articles / Blogs

Here’s what we have been thinking about lately.