Breeder Disputes

Breeder Disputes

Breeder disputes can be diverse and include any issue related to a breeder you have a relationship with. Typically, this can include breach of contractual requirements (ex. “if you can no longer care for the dog within two years of the date sold you will return the dog to the breeder”), competing ownership claims, disagreements over the breed sold/purchased, and health problems of the animal sold.

Most issues result from misinterpreting agreements and contracts laid out by the breeder. This can be a difficult situation when determining ownership of the animal. Gartner & Associates is committed to resolving matters that are satisfactory to both parties and we have a proven track record of resolving these disputes successfully for our clients.

Examples of Breeder Disputes:

  • Oral amendments to written contracts for the purchasing of the animal(s);
  • Ambiguous words and description to the contract;
  • Conditions and requirements set out by the breeder and their contract.


Animal Law has many aspects. The links below lead to discussions of common issues and of the expertise Gartner & Associates can offer you if you are facing such issues.

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