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In today’s society, animals play an integral role in many people’s lives and are considered members of their family. When a married couple separates, it is often not possible for either party to give up their beloved companion animal. Custody disputes do not just relate to marriage couples, they also relate to family members, former partners, boyfriends and girlfriends and even roommates.

Gartner & Associates can assist you in obtaining custody of your beloved companion, create a custody arrangement, and even help you to establish your legitimate claim and ownership of your companion. We offer mediation as an option to resolve your dispute and avoid litigation with a result that will serve the animal’s best interest, and also craft a companion co-ownership agreement which will result in an amicable settlement. We have successfully assisted many clients in custody and access disputes. Alternatively, we can assist couples draft a pet pre-nuptial agreement that sets out the terms and clauses that will protect the parties from future disputes if their relationship breaks down and will consider the best interests of the animal.

Examples of Custody:

  • Substantiating claims regarding the primary caregiver;
  • Proof of who adopted the animal;
  • Veterinary bills, food receipts, and other proof of ownership of the animal.


Animal Law has many aspects. The links below lead to discussions of common issues and of the expertise Gartner & Associates can offer you if you are facing such issues.

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