Veterinary Malpractice/ Negligence

A veterinarian is expected to operate with the highest professional standards. They are entrusted with our beloved pets and we expect that they will be careful and compassionate while caring for them. Unfortunately, mistakes are made and these errors can injure or kill our pets. Additionally, deliberate actions are sometimes committed to cause harm to pets. It is devastating and distressful to lose a pet this way and you may be entitled to compensation for your loss or injury.


We assist guardians when they have concerns with the care that their animal has received by a veterinarian. With veterinary malpractice cases it is essential to first determine whether the veterinarian will be held to a professional standard, similar to the standard upheld in medical malpractice. How do you know if it is malpractice? If your veterinarian took on the responsibility of treating your animal(s), but their skills fell below the professional standard, which resulted in injury or death, consequently leading you to suffer emotionally.


If your animal was injured or killed while under the care of any professional you may be entitled to compensation. All professionals are subject to standards but accidents and mistakes can happen. Professionals include but are not limited to dog trainers and walkers, and pet dentists and pet groomers.

We will assist you if you believe that your veterinarian failed to provide your animal with:

  1. The proper standard of care that should be provided for by a licensed veterinarian;
  2. There was a breach in the standard of care resulting in injury;
  3. You were consequently charged for the services.

Examples of Veterinary Malpractice or Negligence:

  • Wrongful death or injury
  • Surgical mistake
  • Failure to monitor



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